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mountain bike trails

New opening Summer 2022 for MTB fans



Historically, the rural landscape of central Italy was marked by extensive footpaths networks connecting plots of land and used to move people, animals and goods on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis. Since moving from carts to tractors have changed the speed and reach of movement, many paths have been lost. 


As we develop the farm, we try to reconnect and weave together the original networks and adapt them for bike and pedestrian use.   

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Trails S0/S1: Easy

Basic technique requirements

- Suitable for Hardtail/Fully, eBike

- Access allowed only to bikes suitable to off road use in perfect working order 


- Open also to children 8 years old and up with suitable skill and experience 


- There are jumps that can be taken on or avoided  

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Suggested route: 

Locanda Monte Pimpio parking - Upupa Up – Istrice Down –Upupa Up -  Tasso Down– Interconnection – Cornacchia Up – Volpe Down – Interconnection – back to Locanda Monte Pimpio

Around 6km trail and 180mt drop (35-45min) in total, all on segregated paths (no cars), around 80% singletrail 


The route can be cycled as many times as wanted and can be enriched by adding a wander through the local white and other panoramic roads beyond our farm. 

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