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Torreventurini has been a certified organic farm since 2009 spread across the territiories of Civitella d'Agliano and  Bagnoregio,

covering land that has been cultivated and has produced food for centuries, since the Etruscans started tending to it.

We look after our land following sustainability principles and respecting nature

and its cycles. We rotate crops regularly so that its value and productivity increases over time. We manage water following permaculture principles and limit soil erosion in our most exposed fields with swales.

Sustainability principles inspire not only our work on soil and water, and our relationship with wild and farm animals,

but also our strategies in respect to our economic and human resources.

We do what we can, at all stages of production, to keep and improve our land for future generations. 


Torreventurini is a working farm – almost completely self sufficient, with its own well and running on solar energy - producing

organic vegetables and meat. We are open to the public as an agriturismo, with a wonderful restaurant showcasing the quality

of our produce and offering accommodation for periods long or short. 

Our own production follows crop rotation and we experiment with various ancient grains to make the flour used in our restaurant.

We produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, from old trees but also new ones, that help us to stabilise the soil and protect it from erosion. We also produce pulses, as well as fruit, jam and conserves. All are used on site and can be purchased to take home. 


Since 2022, to close the sustainability circle, we have introduced Chianina cows, a typical white breed of the Appenines.

The welfare of our animals is very important to us. They roam the farm freely (provide us with valuable fertilizer there where it is needed) and are fed only with our own grasses. After a good life they produce beef for our restaurant and for sale. 

The rural buildings where our guests stay are all renovated following sustainable architecture principles and use only renewable energy produced by us with from solar panels. The restaurant serves only local produce, mostly grown on the farm itself

or sourced from other trusted local farms. We are very lucky to be able to offer amazing local wines in what is one of the best wine list in the area. Restoration of natural cycles and historical rural landscape has also enabled us to revive the ancient network of paths and trails and offer it to our guests for walking and mountain bike use. 


Ultimately, we want to find ways to develop a modern approach to a 360 degree-sustainable agriculture using natural and ecological

technologies - without the use of chemicals. 


Here work is always in progress and we are yet to manage to complete a project without developing the next plan.

Since our opening, in 2012, we have been developing steadily and there is more to come, such as:

Outdoor sauna
Natural lake
 Fire Pit
Bike clinic
Outdoor hot-tub
Eco toilet
Outdoor shower
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